"Just the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen, out of this world."  


Four seasons in one day is entirely possible in Glenelg but here we show a bit more variety with photos taken throughout year.

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Spring - The start of the new holiday season and other good things too!

The Ferry returns.


Spring tides at Bernera beach.


Coffee and cakes at the Wagon.


Red Skye at night.


Lambing time, please drive carefully!


Sheenas Tea Hut, Corran

Sheenas Tea Hut, a cuppa in Corran.



Summer - It doesn't always happen but blue days are what we hope for!

View in front of the Lodge

The view in front of the Lodge.


Morning mist rising over Glenelg Bay

Morning sea mist burning off over Glenelg Bay.


The Cuillin

The Cuillin of Skye from the Arnisdale road.


Hill mist

Hill mist.


Sandaig beach

The island beach at Sandaig, total bliss.


Glenelg Bay in front of the Lodge

The Bay with the Lodge(Far right).



Autumn - Winding down time, stunning colours, great sunsets and a good time to visit.

Autumn mist - Glen Beag

Autumn mist rising in Glen Beag.


September sunsets

Autumn is often the best sunset season.


September shades and colours

September brings in shades and colours.


October blues

October blues are deeper!


October reflections

First frosts, calm days mean great reflections.


October sunsets

October sunset from the Lodge.



Winter - No, it's not all rain and the starlit skies will blow you away (if the gales don't get you first!!

Glenelg sunsets

November, fire in the sky!


Winter days

Winter days can still be blue.


Over the Mam Ratagan

The well ploughed road over the Mam Ratagan Pass.


The view from the top

The view from the top.


Winter backdrop

Same backdrop, another scene change.


Another sunset, another colour

Another sunset, another shade.



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